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Renita Sukardi 'He Is Not Enough One Women'

She equates the man with the cat. Her love affairs are not smooth. Several times felt abandoned because marriage is not ready. She's principled, 'When will I marry, at home he is a husband, outside of whatever'? Sounded resigned, but kept the anger. What's wrong with the actress who starred in the soap opera 'Wisdom' of this?
Crested-Headed Men & resignation

Age can not hinder people to love the opposite sex. Perhaps this is the nature of human nature brought since birth. Nature which can not be forced or otherwise, prevented. It was also the feeling that grows from within Renita Sukardi. First learned about the opposite sex while still young, starring in soap operas Asri 'Wisdom' is only limited to like. Not yet reached the point of falling in love and then build a relationship.

Iren, so greeting familiar, is the only daughter in the family. Even at school she was always escorted shuttle so no sedetikpun have time to see more of his dreams. Iren three years harbored those feelings until she sat on the bench in high school.

Renita Sukardi Seksi

What made you interested in a guy?"

"Then when the SMP standard is yes, who enjoys basketball, which is so skinny. When despise the same high school boys whose hair style of Tintin (comic book character that no cowlick - Red). It looks very funny, ha ... ha ... But now with increasing age was no longer my mind that looks like such and such. The important thing is good, faith, understanding. If handsome ngomongnya dumb, how? First high school age mikirnya also gini, 'What is this car, flat ga?' Ha ... ha ... size association. If now no longer have to cute my mind, should this or that. "

Renita Sukardi Seksi

Renita Sukardi Seksi

"Usually the head of OSIS many girls are estimated. Got hooked? "
Nah. You see, he looks the same children are still losing basketball. Children who are extracurricular (extra-curricular) of his sport and they are generally cool-cool.

"If the same kids who can rank how? Because there are many girls who like the same guy who was smart and class champion? "
I do not. Maybe because I was ranked one of lho at school.

Smart and beautiful, two gift he has. With that combination Iren upper hand, especially choosing a boy. Very open opportunities to find a handsome man as well as smart. However, her dimpled cheek is exactly like the guys who dressed cool slightly naughty, but nice views urakan. There are challenges that he felt. And it's different from facing a smart guy who thinks boring.

Renita Sukardi Seksi

Renita Sukardi Seksi

"So, I need a refresher, a bit wild, a little wild."

Choose men who are not 'my level' is not a big problem. You see, a woman with a 34a bust size has never thought himself as an idol. Busy attending various tutoring outside of school, made him reject all bids to be active in school, including being the chairman of student council. So anyway, his relationship with friends remain harmonious.

"I used to be a reason other friends. For instance want to go or pull, just say 'same Iren kok'. They know that teachers consider the same I would not do anything. Once when I pull the follow-up, the teachers could not believe it. I'm assuming they are sick or have a pass again what purpose, like that. So I always made friends for the same reason. It often makes me resentful, you know, "said the woman who confessed this in high school math champion.

Renita Sukardi Seksi

Renita Sukardi Seksi

"Tell me about your courtship in high school?"

"The first time you felt really going out, go together, one class in high school. I really like it. He is Tintin's hair style, body style Fido Dido, thin but cool. I see him fitting into school when the new registration. Eh, it turns out, it was later discovered she also likes me. Unfortunately we were lovers for a while but it's really impressive. Play a similar name had kissed him. Whereas before, I'm sure, if he kissed it could become pregnant. "

Renita Sukardi Seksi

Renita Sukardi Seksi

"His kiss was just a kiss on the cheek or lips, too?"

"Kiss the lips as well. He who taught me. Now do not know where, but he studied in America. Reunion time once met, she was like so shy. "

Early is a start. This maxim sums up the trip circuit which passed Iren affair. Breakup did not prevent him to build the next romance. Only, this time caught in love's cousin. Pain appears exactly like each other before they each know the relationship between cord blood between them. That could happen because his cousin had joined her mother after their parents divorced.

"Because we still love each other and had time to hook up the road to a year. Finally she broke up also was asked by his grandfather. Too sad, really, "he recalls.


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