Mechan Wong Sexy Pose in Popular Magazine

"Mechan Wong" Going Wild in the Kitchen

POPULAR fresh model this one is a talented figure who often make the crowd was hysterical when she saw the show while singing. IN Mechan Wong himself has become embedded high artistic talent. Women's Manado bleeding was willing to decide to take a sabbatical period to support the college career. Women born 20 April was also added to the active flight hours in FTV and soap operas. Besides being a talented DJ, he too could sing with good voice. Mechan also has three tattoos are painted on sexy body. However, these tattoos can not be on display for everyone. "Only certain people are able to freely look at these tattoos," she said spoiled.

Foto Artis Mechan Wong

You look very cheerful today?
Yeah, I loved being photographed, with a cheerful all the work we are going to reap good results. As much as possible I give the best to get a good pose for this photo shoot.

Foto Artis Mechan Wong

Can tell us a little about soap operas and FTV experience you Play?
I participated in the soap opera 'Cinderela'. For FTV I do not really remember anymore because I follow a lot of FTV. I certainly can experience many of the valuable role of the arts world.

Foto Artis Mechan Wong

Have a unique experience while shooting?
There, I was required to perform a scene in a forest running in the wet after rain. The result I fell and rolled. With his confident I stood against the pain until I decided to call the director of the medical team.

Foto Artis Mechan Wong

In addition to falling scene, there's nothing more unique and memorable?
Kiss brother 'Ucok Baba'! In a scene that I had to carry Ucok bang on the table so that I can smell it. Never thought, I guess he is not heavy, it was very heavy, hi .. hi .., is not proportional to her small frame.

Foto Artis Mechan Wong

You undergo how to take shots Ucok kiss?
Fortunately only once, no problem kissing her, but the scenes that made me carry him do not strong. But I'm very pleased and proud to be performing and playing together with a bang Ucok. In addition he was a funny man, bang Ucok also very professional in every shooting session.

You really like to look sexy huh?
Yes, I like to look sexy and slightly open. Between the bottom or top of the important need to be sexy and slightly open. I do not feel confident with wearing polite, courteous its not me.


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