Farah Quinn Farhanah ( Farah Quinn ) Sexy Indonesian Chef

Full name: Farah Quinn Farhanah
Nick name: Farah Quinn
Nationality: Indonesia
Place & date of birth: Bandung, April 8, 1980
Zodiac: Aries
Education: Institute of Pittsburgh Culiner
Favorite Food: pastry
Hobbies: Cooking

status: Married
Husband's name: Carson Quinn
Name of child: Armand Fauzan Quinn

* Host a program called "Ala Chef" since November 2008
* Establish a restaurant Camus, 2005
* Chef at Lydia's Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
* Pastry expert at Arizona Biltmore Resort, Phoenix, Arizona
* Chef at G-8 summit in Sea Island, Georgia, 2005

Photos of Farah Quinn, presenter Ala chef Trans TV
Farah Quinn

Farah Quinn
seksii gan . hmm :)

Farah Quinn
siap dipijit gan . hhehe ;D

Farah Quinn

Farah Quinn

Foto Seksi Farah Quiin
Farah Quinn

Farah Quinn

Farah Quinn

nii gan bonus foto seksi si doi pake hot bikini :)
Farah Quinn

Farah Quinn is a host (presenter) of Trans TV's culinary program "Ala Chef". Ala Chef is a 30 minutes duration show, focus on cooking and food recipe aired every saturday-sunday on 10 AM. What make Ala Chef now begins so popular is the host Farah Quinn. With her feminime and sexy body posture, Farah Quinn succeed to rise the program become high rated.

Who is Farah Quinn ?

Farah Quinn is known as the sexy chef from Indonesia. Farah Quinn is become more and more popular among Indonesian Celebrity. Not because she was a singer or a movie star but as a host in a culinary program at a television station. Many thought she was chosen to host the program is because her pretty face and sexy body posture, but actually, Farah Quinn is more than qualified because she hold a "Chef" degree with specialization in pastry. Together with her husband, Carson Quinn, Farah Quinn had even opened a four-star restaurant in New York, Camus. But unfortunately the restaurant had now been sold and she still thinking to create a new restaurant.

From elementary school to high school and college in America, cooking still feels exciting for her. She even thought of going back taking culinary school. While studying at the Pittsburgh Culinary Institute, Farah Quinn also worked at Lydia's Pittsburgh, the famous Italian restaurant in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Graduated from college, Farah moved to Phoenix, Arizona, become a master pastry chef at the Arizona Biltmore Resort. She still learning in World Pastry Championships, and had studied to the pastry experts such as Ewald Notter and Collete Peters.

In 2005, under the direction of celebrity chef James Mullaney, Farah Quinn had a chance to make dessert for the G-8 Summit in Sea Island, Georgia. Thus She served U.S. First Lady, Laura Bush, and a number of other delegations. That year also Farah and her husband, Carson Quinn, opened a restaurant in New York Camus. Four-star restaurant that has now been sold.

Her appearance is as important as the ability to cook. Farah admitted that she love fashion. She regularly to the gym and cardio exercise for 30 minutes three times a week. Farah also love eats vegetable. She would like to transmit this healthy eating habits to the viewers. Health can also be yummy. Beginning with avoiding MSG (monosodium glutamate).

Farah Quinn likes to explore Indonesia beauty also. Before she cooks, Farah Quinn will visit some Indonesia's exotic place like beach, village, peak, hotel or somewhere, and interact with the local residence. That is the plus point of the Ala Chef program. The culinery is not about how to cook and eat, but it contains the history, how the food comes from.


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