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Full Name: Happy Salma
Nick Name: Happy Salma
Place & date of birth: Sukabumi, January 4, 1980
Zodiac: Capricorn
Hobbies: Traveling, Badminton, Writing novels
Father's Name: Syafury
Mother's Name: Evi Zainal
Achievements & awards: Cover Girl Finalist 2005


Happy had starred in soap operas such as Bachelors, Si Cecep, I wait I Love You, Mrs. Mrs. socialite / Earnings Love, from my heart / Rosalinda, Boy-Boy Stuff, Hikayah. Happy also had the chance to play in the film "Gie". Happy also are playing in the staging Nyai Ontosoroh Theatre (21, 22, 23 April 2007, the Graha Bhakti Culture TIM, Jakarta), produced by The Nyai Ontosoroh Project and directed by Ken Zuraida. Happy also accompany the viewer through the daily morning show on Trans TV story.

Happy is a graduate Diploma in Corporate Administration Department Trisakti.


* Gie (2005)
* Ghost Abortion (2008)
* Capres (Calo President) (2009)
* Mau Dong Ah (2009)

Happy Salma " Men crave Mesterius "

Curious about the mysterious man. She did not want to fall in love with someone because she was good. She could feel 'something' if 'feeling' the man, but that's no guarantee the men will be lovers, let alone a husband. Happy Salma now has a lover who has four years has been established, but there might find a better partner.

Happy Salma

Happy Salma

Happy Salma

While in the make-up, we were chatting lightly about the man who would be able to conquer a Happy Salma. With a little embarrassed and blushed face, woman born in Sukabumi, January 4, 1980 It tells us what sort of man who can thrill her heart. The rest she also reveals her current boyfriend.

While the physical side, Happy admitted the physical side is very relative valuation. But if you can, he said, he did not want men who flirt. Flirtatious man who was not good, especially if he likes grooming.

Happy Salma

Happy Salma

Happy Salma

"Courtship long distance great temptation, but you can survive, how?"

"Happy are also often used to be a long distance. But do not know who can now survive, may depend on the person. If by Happy, the factor of distance is not a problem, which is important how the intentions and efforts, even more exciting, "she said happily.

"Excitingnya like what?"

"Yes, I think so much enthusiasm to do anything. For example first time Happy got fat to lean initiatives continue to have, ah, while far. So when he comes home see Happy's changed so slim, it would really exciting, "she recalls happy.

Happy Salma

Happy Salma

Happy Salma

Attract Good Men & Men

Once completed the make-up, her face looks brighter, more beautiful. Unique pair of eyes that make people who look in awe, let alone sustained a sexy body. Dressed in a pink gown private collection, the overall appearance approaching perfection.

Still rap about the man and her love, Happy increasingly eager to answer them. Gleam of happiness in her eyes. According to him if he found a better like what is now owned, principally, better everything.

For example a good five successors must now ten. If she's smart-five, her successor must be ten. "Yes, something is better than his. But frankly it's suppose only. I still have not my mind, "she asserted.

Spoiler :

Happy Salma

Happy Salma

Sex & Responsibilities

Now 24 years old. Age was realized with the independent attitude, which emanated from the speech she says. All answered questions about himself with smart, agile, though slightly embarrassed.

Love affairs with several men, making it increasingly understand the meaning of love, and the possibilities of marriage. Now she is answering sex-related areas.

"The extent to which sex in dating you?"

"Relationships like that takes responsibility. If used during high school still may be short-minded. If now Happy consider sex 'is not all it is only', meaning there is responsibility, which involves many aspects. Whether it's against religion, the environment and to ourselves. It must be recognized that sex is pleasure. Whether male or female sex is a gift. But the grace that could be held accountable, "he said.

"The responsibility of like what?"

"Happy would be having sex with the right people, and was bound to get married. There must be responsibility. We are women, if there's anything that dirugiin women, "she said.

"If you like kissing, hugging, not applicable to Happy?"

"How, do explain it?" He seemed confused asked, "What is clear, the normal courtship aja, not too far. We are located in their families and friends. Gone like to keep together. Yes, there it was going out always, if you miss a hug, not a splashy have sex! "She said with a serious expression.

"What about sexual fantasies, do you ever came to fantasize sex with your lover?"

"No thoughts at anyone! Most just think it will be married to someone. So, yes, there it, most mikirnya happy, happy. I'm more concerned when the first night, how do I look pretty, wear sexy clothes, a good nail polish, body fragrance. Yes, just like that, "he said smiling.

"Besides, what else you have in mind when fantasizing?"

"If the honeymoon, I went to Venice, while the roads in the boat. I wear nice clothes, beautiful, fragrant aroma of my body. So my boyfriend told me I was beautiful. Yes, the image of rest like that, but do not know who the brother, still opaque more focus to Happy, ONLY! "Sumringah laughter.


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