The Cute VJ Franda of Indonesia’s MTV

Full Name: Efranda Stephanus
Nick Name: VJ Franda
Nationality: Indonesia
Date of birth: February 8, 1987
Education last: londons school, the mass communication department (Jakarta)

Franda is one of Indonesian VJ MTV, also presenter global TV Indonesian, who win the VJ Hunt 2007, Oriental Face make her more a lot of fans and pretty smile. With white skin and look sexy…please take a look pictures of Vj Franda

Vj Franda

Vj Franda

Vj Franda

Vj Franda

Vj Franda

Vj Franda

Vj Franda

How does someone become a VJ for MTV like Franda?

MTV does have a submission process, but from what I can tell, none of their current VJs just sent in tapes. They had a notoriety or experience base that helped them along.

If you look at the current list of VJs, you'll see a broad variety of experience on their resumes:

Susie Castillo -- former Miss USA who did some acting and pageant hosting after her own pageant days.

Stephen Colletti -- Part of Laguna Beach cast; transitioned into VJ regular.

Damien Fahey -- Former radio DJ who won nationwide search for new VJ in 2002.

Quddus -- Started as college DJ in Ontario, became known for knock-out mixtapes. Wrote and hosted a show called VOX, finished third in MuchMusic's VJ search. Hired a year later by MTV.

La La Vasquez -- Former radio DJ who got noticed while working at a station in Los Angeles.

Suchin Pak -- Got noticed while she was being interviewed on TV, which led to a hosting gig on a San Francisco station. Discovered a second time in college, which led to the show "Internet Tonight." That led to "Trackers" on Oxygen, which led to MTV.

Kim Stolz -- Finished fifth in "America's Top Model," graduated with honors in government at Wesleyan University in New York.

John Norris -- Graduated with a degree in broadcast journalism from NYU; had a brief stint with MTV in the late 1980s, but left for "Extra." He returned in 1996.


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