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"Andi Soraya" Love blossomed One Roof

Life choices that she lived indeed strange to most people. Institution of marriage that never lived it obscures the meaning of the beauty of relationships. Bland, that's the right word to describe stories that forded Plow shipping. Hence, when the beauty of it comes again, she really wanted to drank. No need to hurry. Live first. To be sure, love the shade roof provides peace and tranquility in her life. She admits she still wants to make it happen. A marriage is really ripe.
Young & Married Virginitas

Passionate young age indeed. That's when Soraya decided to get married. Something that he chose to various considerations. Understandably, being born as an Arab-blooded family, customary rules and traditions that defined the family must be obeyed. Soraya teenagers were not allowed to live a life as is appropriate adolescent age.

Andi Soraya Seksi Popular

Andi Soraya Seksi Popular

Daily activities and school just to go home. Always so from day to day. Adolescence is full of beauty, like a song sung by Chrisye in 'Gita Cinta From High School' was just wishful thinking. There was no beauty in adolescence Soraya. "How wonderful, to know men should not be alone," she recalled with a chuckle.

Her personality as a woman was robbed at the time. The desire to beautify themselves, by going to the hairdresser, for example, also may not. Even if she must marry one day, he must take parental choice. Of course he should also be mated with a male in his blood flowing, one ethnic group. "And I did not like it," she added.

Andi Soraya Seksi Popular

Andi Soraya Seksi Popular

Kind of life lasted until he finished high school. Soraya was later realizing his desire to have a boyfriend. Of course conducted clandestinely. Understandably, not one hundred percent freedom is given. Rules to curb perceived family still in force.

Maybe for having led since childhood, Soraya himself confessed positive rate rules. The first man who became her boyfriend, she was the first to touch it. Through-sanctioned wedlock, who admits his own request, Soraya was formally end the period of bachelor at the age of 21 years after undergoing clandestine relationship for four years. However, who would have thought, a period of four years, eventually running aground after two years.

Andi Soraya Seksi Popular

Andi Soraya Seksi Popular

"You could say as a side effect of the rules that apply to you?"

"This is not because parents yes, but more brothers to me. They always rein. I do not know why, maybe for the good of myself. We're a big family, 11 siblings. I lived with my sisters other mothers. The others live with my mom, I live with Daddy. I separated parents. So I'm the same father, same mother's brother and another sister. Eventually I became the youngest there.

Anywhere, not allowed, not allowed to have a boyfriend, just do not want to be beautiful, to the hairdresser is not allowed. So really be saved for the wife. Aw, is not important, ha ... ha ... ha

Andi Soraya Seksi Popular

Andi Soraya Seksi Popular

No Married & Satisfaction Heart

The roar of the planes that take off and landing at the International Airport Soekarno-Hatta airport, the faint burst into the Executive Suite Room, Sheraton Airport Hotel in Jakarta.

While the weather outside looks bright, as bright hearts Andi Soraya just change the costume into two at the photo session. Sexy little indeed, to show her smooth white skin.

As a sitcom actress, an admirer of Julia Roberts, Richard Gere, and Anthony Hopkins is so smart and keep caring for her body. Signs she had given birth to two children from her womb was not visible at all.

Her stomach was flat, the envy of most Indonesian girls who are in trouble with her shape. Of course it was thanks to the hard work and discipline yourself to maintain a balance in body shape. Therefore, women with a 166 cm tall and weighs 46 kg has started testing the role of the world before he decided to get married.


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