Della Puspita Hot in SwimSuits

Della PuspitaDella Puspita Profile :

Full Name: Nisisari Henny Puspita
Nick Name: Della Puspita
Nationality: Indonesian
Place & date of birth: Malang, August 6, 1981
Zodiac: Leo
Favourite musician: Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears
Favourite Movie Star: Keanu Reeves
Height / Weight: 163 cm / 47 kg
Pants: 28 Bra: 34a

Family Data
Marital status: Married
Name of husband / wife: Jocky Fernando
Child's name: Don Aubrey Daisuke (October 24, 2005)
Name of parents: Yakumi Sato (father) & Dewi Kartika (mother)

Career Sinetron: Self-Esteem, Tali Kasih, Dewi Fortuna, Early marriage, Dream Lover, 8 Hours Only (FTV), The Actor (FTV), Behind Boarding (FTV), Kho Ping Hoo Legend of the Golden-Flute, Siti Siti Bang Bang, Divine Mercy, Divine Secrets, Hidayah, Hidayah door, Do'a, I call Thy Name, Blessed Love 2, Prince Seducer, Brother-in-law 17 Years, Dangdut Kampoeng, My name is Safina, Diamond, Kaos Eneng Leg Magic.

Music Album: Beginning and End Lover

Achievements & awards:
1. Winner Junior Singing Contest 1994
2. Sun Star 1996
3. The Best Jeans Level 1997 East Java
4. Malibu Action (feminine) 1997
5. Favorite Partner Awards 1997
6. Sun Fotogenic 1997
7. Indonesia 1999 Top Model Ads

"Della Puspita Hot in Swimsuits"
Della Puspita Hot Swimsuit

Della Puspita Hot Swimsuit

During a period of pregnancy, it seems a lot of trials that must be faced Della Puspita. After her husband, Fernando Jocky jail for illegal sale and purchase of luxury cars that made him a suspect, they are now behind the reported two witnesses who accused Jocky guilty in this case.

Feeling himself innocent of cases of illegal sale and purchase of luxury cars, Jocky Fernando Wednesday (07/27/2005) yesterday, two witnesses reported that are considered to give an incriminating statement to police officers so that Jocky was accused as a fraud and a suspect in this case.

Della Puspita Hot Swimsuit

Della Puspita Hot Swimsuit

Della Puspita Hot Swimsuit

Because they also have languished in prison Jocky Bekasi police station. Both men are Mario and Sutomo Sakti Darma. The event started when Jocky wanted to buy a luxury car that will sell again. Mario and Sutomo incidentally offers the desired car to Jocky who immediately gave an advance of 50 million rupiah.

But until now, a car valued at 900 million rupiah has not yet been sent to him. Feeling defiled the good name of their testimony, Jocky was reported to the Polda Metro Jaya yesterday. "I want to seek truth and justice" said Jocky

Jocky who was accompanied by his wife did not immediately report cases to the police. Wanting to settle peacefully. But it did not seem to work well so that any legal action taken.

Facing the problems faced by her husband, a middle Della six months pregnant, admits the incident was especially influential on him. "Like it or not must be disturbed, but I do not give a damn" says Della.


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