Louise Anastasya sweet and beautiful actress

If you feel this pretty girl recently was rarely seen, you're not wrong. Because, Louise has long Anastasya vacuum from the glitter of the stage entertainment. Where it does, Louise? Curious it, so continue to refer to the following interview with Louise Anastasya ...

Louise How are you?
Louise: I am a good news!

Activities now what?
Louise: I happen to be involved some soap opera production to be aired in Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam.

It was not long plasticity in the soap opera, again I'm bored, or how, ya?
Louise: No, not bored! But it had a long break due to a busy finish thesis about 3 to 4 months, just break it into adding to six months due to illness.

Louise Anastasya

Louise Anastasya

If allowed to know what pain?
Louise: The pain 'rame'! First, the swelling in the neck but still have to film. Gede increasingly like a mumps. Doctor said one bed but, anyway, appear the high fever and continues until the entire body Pegel all. Kelar Not this one, suddenly aja keserang viruses from the air, whether from foods, until the intestinal ulcers. My intestines, tuh, on demem wounds and bleeding as well. Then, growing red spots such as allergies, not just gosh awful! Imagine, do not wash your hair three months, could not defecate for eating porridge. Pee have to use the potty. Just as well have a good God, I finally healed. Thanks God!

Louise Anastasya

Louise Anastasya

Movies playing in Asia, Europe, also American, how does it feel? There must be a difference, then?
Louise: Oh, that's obviously very noticeable! They were very professional, on time in a matter of time. Crew and player discipline and a clear kudu's never too late fee ha .. ha .. ha ..!

There is a desire to play the movie?
Louise: desire, hell, it must exist. Only bids that come this far merely a horror film. Baseball really deh! Principle me if it is clearly the enemy of God, why should I take? Honestly, I'm including people who quite selective in choosing roles. If a movie comedy or drama murder drama "I Know What You Did Last Summer" so, I still want to. Anyway, not pocong-shroud or Kuntilanak, deh.

Louise Anastasya

Louise Anastasya

Louise Anastasya

Create your entertainment world is not everything. If allowed to know, obsession or what ideals you, anyway?
Louise: Actually from the little I have in the picture and acting talent, but I'm also very conscious world of entertainment is not "long lasting". But still do not know well, ya, what I want to get nerapin science or how? I happen to have graduated from the London School of Communication Business. Intention also made Mandarin language school in Shanghai.

Thoughts never be a servant of God?
Louise: Mami, hell, told me to take theology. After that free may take some S-2 majors whatever. Mami I so often see places confide in friends, listen to their complaints. Quite, honestly, I'm not ready.

Looks like you're very intimate with God, huh?
Louise: Since childhood, mom always taught me to pray mom says "Do not have breakfast, well!" From the routine of prayer, I could share anything with God. Diligently read the Word also I think there are loads of benefits. For example if invited friends negative things I can categorically rejects. Then, if the break is sometimes liked to confide in friends, well, there I can give input all of evangelism.

Life 'straight' that's not easy, never had a awful experience because of this?
Louise: Well, I never dimusuhin! I is not asked, virtually sanctimonious. But mom always ingetin so I do not have to worry about, instead I must pray for them and I believe God will defend me, and I have to lose their kalopun, God will love the best.

Btw, according to the criteria of an ideal guy you like?
Louise: ideal guy? Ha .. ha .. ha .. certainly, fear of the Lord! Because if rich but do not love God as well as boong. Anyway, once again, have to fear God, love of family and who obviously have a real guy. Hahaha ...! All was still in a serious tussle!

Planning ahead?
Louise: Just run the existing. Do all things for God, and give the best. I'm also going to school anymore.


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