Foto Hot Model Indonesia Bella Na Veisha

Bella Na Veisha is a sexy and hot girl.

"Inevitably, one woman jumped into the world capital modeling is physical beauty. These potentials are owned by Bella. Uniquely, Bella explained that in fact he is a person who lacks confidence. "

There was an odd morning when suddenly turns cloudy and sunny. He hung in the sky Hot Rod Café. But soon, everything becomes even when Bella Na Veisha stepped inside the café. Mengedar eyes, sweeping the automotive ornaments on display in some corner of the café.

Everything was complete, when he charmed her smile spread. He scatter his views in every room bar, a hangout typical automotive kids who like clubbing.

For a moment, there is a sensual fragrance attached at each corner of the bar when the view is selected as the first location shoot. For the moment, the cavity throat felt choked when Bella says Vee ordinary in this action. It was air-conditioning should be more active again breathe the air, so hot magma manhood men who were there can be balanced.

There are two options for you, man”. Bella Na Veisha, hot and busty Indonesian model, said. “Contemplating my hot and sexy eyes, or enjoying my hot and busty breast picture?”

Difficult to determine your options? If so, just enjoy both of them.



roma section was increased strongly when Bella started to open the story about him. Girl born in Jakarta on March 5, 1984, admits that he was indeed spelled 'green' in the world model. He admitted, all he lakoni without planned and started from just a mere fad.

"If I were a model, hell, I just have fun. But if a DJ, because I love music and are interested to try it. And after dilakoni, was exciting. Yes, because I'm ... I terusin ... So, hobby, yes. Making money as well, yes ", she said.




Outside the career that is being made at this time, Bella was ciamik pumping party atmosphere. In front of DJ sets and clubbers she confidently shows his actions.

But taken of the first time on camera as he claimed no confident when playing in the corner area of the plate party, "I feel tough. Nervous, hard. But also enjoy the long run, "I am virgin who likes to watch the streets and busy life outside of this.

Inevitably, one woman's plunge into the world capital modeling is physical beauty. These potentials are owned by Bella. Uniquely, Bella explained that in fact he is a person who lacks confidence.

"Actually, I was less confident types who really. But because of support from friends would make me feel confident, " she said.




Dara who consider this sexy eyes climbed the career in the entertainment world requires a lot of preparation. Not just a matter of mere physical beauty. Time must be many ready to be seized for a career. But he was ready to confess if his personal life became public consumption. "That is a challenge that must be faced," he said.

But he feels lucky to have a girlfriend who supports the current activities. "A relationship, it should not hinder each other. Recently, I had a boyfriend. Incidentally he was a profession with me, DJ. So, help each other, "he explained.

It did not take long for the throat to re-tighten. Grains from Bella smiles, dripping and flowing thirst when he returned to continue the sentences of recognition, she said, her boyfriend now is not the kind of man he really wanted.

Bella Na Veisha Profile :

Full Name: Bella Na Veisha
Nick Name: Vee
Place / Date of Birth: Jakarta, March 5, 1984
Last Education: D3
Occupation: DJ
Hobbies: Traveling, watching
Favorite musicians: Vina Panduwinata
Favourite Movie Star: Dedy Mizwar
Height / Weight: 166 cm / 48 kg
Size: Shirt: M Pants: 27 Bra: 36 Shoes: 38


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