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Back problems came up soap opera actress Della Puspita. The reason is, again, her husband, Fernando Jocky reported to the police for forgery case letters it sells cars.

The case is not the first time it happened to her husband Della Puspita. Two years ago, the Japan-Java mulatto man this was never reported to police because the same case.

After the previous day during the six-hour tests in the East Jakarta District Police Cakung, finally Thursday (08/02) yesterday, Jocky officially declared a suspect in the case of a fraudulent purchase of silver-colored Toyota Alphard USD 470,000,000.00 for the police numbered B 8319 MN.

About the arrest of the father of one child, until recently, both Jocky and Della were reluctant to comment about his official becomes a suspect Thursday Jocky yesterday. If you choose Jocky away Wednesday after the examination yesterday, so Della also eventually want to open a voice regarding the problems that hit the middle of the family.

We encountered a number of journalists, while shooting sinetron 'Eneng' in Cikeas, Thursday (08/02) yesterday, Della said: "My personal and family had agreed not want to hurt himself with comments on the infotainment because I think it will not solve the problem .

"Della Puspita Sexy Swimsuits"
Della Puspita Sexy Swimsuits

Della Puspita Sexy Swimsuits

Della Puspita Sexy Swimsuits

Even-aged woman who will be 26 years next August 6 did not forget to add that the problem can be finished soon befall him, "What is certain, God willing, everything went well, finished well. If it's personally, I think this is not a problem because I do not know what this is what initially seem. Later endingnya like anything, but I hope later endingnya the best, "

It is fair if the mother of one son named Don Aubrey Daisuke refused to give comments to reporters infotainment. Could be the owner's real name was Nisisari Henny Puspita upon the presentation of trauma-news infotainment a few years ago.

Della Puspita Sexy Swimsuits

Della Puspita Sexy Swimsuits

Surely you can remember with an open on-screen feud between Henry and Della Puspita Pasman several years ago. The conflict that occurs between father and son indeed been crowded into the conversation and become a headline in a variety of infotainment programs.

It's known, both are equally if they insist is true. How not, Henry insisted that if he is the biological father in the soap opera actor Ratna 'Early Marriage' while Della furiously denied that the bespectacled man was his biological father. Della even mention the name Yakumi Sato, a Japanese national men, as her biological father.
Della hear the statement that does not recognize him as a father, Henry Pasman could not help regretting that her daughter's statement. The look of sadness and tears that flowed from the eyes of this middle-aged men as forming public opinion if Della a child who did not serve. Predicate 'Queen of Lies' even attached to the self-Della. Especially because he refused to do DNA tests to find out whether he really Pasman son Henry.

However, the conflict between Henry and Della was starting to subside over time. Moreover Della finally demonstrate to the public figure when her marriage to Yakumi Sato Fernando August 2004 Jocky ago. However, male choice is now even cause problems. Twice a man who had been studying medicine had caught a similar case.


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