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"Ratu Felisha"

Two Beloved One Options

Although impressed spoiled and cute, but Feli, so familiar greeting, statement-revelation and his views quite straightforward and make him scratching his head. Bitter reality where his parents separated her she needs protection more than enough. Therefore, she bluntly said, despite having had a boyfriend she did not mind having a boyfriend again, if the latter were able to give affection and love more. But do not try to cheat him, she would reply with a more painful affair.
Something Missing

Born as an only child, but since only a small piece felt the affection of his Mama. Her parents divorced when the Queen is still two months old. Divorce of his parents were until now still made an impression as a spiritual wound.

Ratu Felisha

Ratu Felisha

But there is an impression, you're just a spoiled child. "

"I'm an only child, maybe that makes me spoiled. Then, probably because my parents are divorced since I was little. Maybe from a background that makes me so spoiled figure, "he said.

"To what extent are the lasting effects of divorce your parents?"

"Maybe I became more sensitive, especially against a girlfriend. If the friend, hell, no, "in short.

"What kind of sensitivity?"

"I wish I loved more than people who have a parent complete. For example if another girl to come home to meet his parents. While I found only one person. Therefore, let me feel whole I prefer to call my girlfriend, I usually told to come to the house, I was most afraid of his own people, "she explained.

Ratu Felisha

Ratu Felisha

Thin line Sorry & Revenge

Each individual in the world really need a touch and vibration of love. If not, it is unimaginable how lonely this world. This also applies to Feli very crave love from one man she loved.

Ok, now what you view on adultery?"

"I'm the type that most anti-woman affair. Because I think infidelity is clearly stained love affair holy and pure. But do not fool around I can cheat if I get a boyfriend who does not fit with what I want, "she said.


"Suppose I want the spoiled, I've told you already love and warning to my boyfriend 'If I want the spoiled! If not I nyeleweng nih. I see now, he changes what? Although the claims would manjain but if the fact I still do not change, yes, I would not want a fling. But because I could not finish, probably because he was too dear to me, while I need to be pampered, "she said.

Ratu Felisha

Ratu Felisha

Premarital sex hurt & Lucky

Young age, but the views of love so fluently spoken from the lips of sexy women who like watching movies, reading books and these streets. She always record any events that befall her life. After that she also draws conclusions or lessons from the events he had experienced it.

As a girl who had grown up and some times experience a beautiful feeling, emotion, pleasure and sorrow of love, he is also capable of smoothly disclose his views about sex and its relation to dating.

Ratu Felisha

Ratu Felisha

Forced molester

Talks stalled for a moment, she changed her costume design in blue dress Bachetta Etty. It seems fitting on the plump curves of her body. Soon he went back to the chat which had been halted.

Apparently the Queen is a figure that does not so take care about the escorts. At least for now. Which appears to be a priority, how it will be able companion who wants to give love direguknya, capable of happiness.

This admirer of Cameron Diaz with a straightforward and easy answer questions about it. Too lugasnya statements from the beautiful lips, her spoiled what was initially impressed, instantly vanished. What is clear impression is obtained, what is discussed in accordance with what she believed.

Sexy & dreamer

Her body was ripe-ranumnya, she looks sexy with a proportional body. Understandably he was once a fitness maniac. Now her hobby was abandoned because the shooting schedule is very dense. Now he maintain stamina with adequate rest, drink water and eat a lot of fruit.

A person's career journey is always different. Queen for instance, she had never imagined would be a celebrity like the present. Even if there is only limited to shadow news reader or news reader.

The story begins when he casually to attend a selection event of a women's magazine when the Queen was attending college in the faculty of Communication Studies of Religion Moestopo. Keisengannya it was not in vain, she won the Champion of Favorites. Experience which we are proud to tell it, tell the Queen looked a spirit.

"Initially when I became a model junior teen magazine. When school is not doing anything. Want to join an event but prohibited the same model selection Papa. I continue to fit college vote can win a women's magazine Favorites (2001). A few days later phoned Multivision for casting. Escaped continue to be the main character in the soap opera 'ABG', "she said smoothly while remembering all of that smile.


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