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Experienced perform in front of people, does not mean she had never experienced problems. As experienced broadcasters Melaney Ricardo (28). Despite hundreds of times already appeared as host, she still felt nervous. "If you're groggy, sometimes we often do stupid things, like fitting in high school. When we were told to sing in the future, are aware of our hands twist baseball uniform skirt," she said when giving training in Star Mild Obsesiland event at Sasana Culture Ganesha Bandung Saturday (28/11).

For that, wherever possible to minimize the feeling groggy Melaney existing before taking the stage. For instance, by preparing a gig needs as early as possible, be it material or performance events.

Melanie Ricardo

Melanie Ricardo

Announcer bloody hobo is also believed that the experience is best teacher for a particular profession. Therefore, there is no harm when he applies the principle of learning by doing, to become an expert in his field.

So what's the secret, so Melaney could become the host broadcaster as well as a successful and idolized candidate other broadcasters? According to him, an announcer and host must have its own character. "I do not have to think about being the next Melaney Ricardo or any other broadcaster. Be yourself," he said.

In addition, she suggested to expand the network to a variety of sources. "Expand your network here, not to say how much we know many people, but how many people know who we are," said Melaney

Melanie Ricardo

Melanie Ricardo

The tongue was not only useful as a hair-fertilising. According to the presenter Melanie Ricardo, aloe vera is also beneficial to maintain smoothness feet.

"I left leg scar. To disguise it, I was diligent in applying aloe vera every day," Melaney story on the sidelines of the event guide Bazaar Beauty Awards 2009, at the Four Seasons Hotel, Jakarta, Friday (02/20/2009) afternoon .

Melanie's legs appeared to be so exalted as the most sexy body part. No wonder if he often expose those beautiful legs. One of them was wearing a mini skirt.

But again, do not try to override Melaney other body part. However he wanted to appear perfect to have a proportional body. No wonder the sport has become an important part in his life.

"Exercise is important. Running, for example. Every day I take the time to run, at least 45 minutes. As a result, the body becomes fit and healthy," concluded that abstinence Melaney dinner so the body does not stretchy. (Tty)


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