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Take Me Out Indonesia, tv programs you often see in Indosiar, is a soul mate search contest on TV. Take Me Out Indonesia is slightly different, because it is packaged in a modern way. Take Me Out Indosiar hosted by Choky Sitohang and Yuanita Christian.

Take Me Out Indonesia is a television program whose licenses held by FremantleMedia. Currently Take Me Out has been published in 3 European countries (Spain, Netherlands, Danish), following the UK.

In Indonesia, Take Me Out Indonesia run on Indosiar. This is the first time serving in Asia. Here, single people aged 20 to 40 will find a life partner.


1. Indonesian Citizen
2. Male with age from 25 to 40 years or women aged 20 to 35 years
3. Not being tied to marriage
4. Expressive

julie octa

julie octa

julie octa

julie octa

julie octa

julie octa

Julie Octa

How To Play

1. 30 contestants are women standing in front of the podium with 30 lights. They will choose a man based on 1 person appearance, personality, and background of his life.

2. Female contestants will turn off the lights in his podium if he was not interested in the man. However, if interested, he would still leave the light still burning.

3. After the introductory phase 4 away (look, VT profile, performance, testimony), then the contestant's turn will choose the man who left a woman contestant.

4. Having obtained 1 pair, then the couple will be given an opportunity to meet more depth in a room that had been prepared. There they can chat, watch a DVD, or other matters in accordance with their respective hobbies.

5. As they explore each other, the couple will comment on their suitability.

6. Having found 3 pairs, then these couples will be challenged in chemistry challange. Here, each pair will be tested on how suitable they are as a couple. Challenges of games, or can also be psychological questions concerning the relationship of lovers.

7. One hundred jury (the cupid) will determine who the third couple who would be the best couple in the episode.


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