Sexy Presenter, Model and Actress Marissa jeffryna

Full Name: Marissa jeffryna
Nick Name: Icha
Place / date of birth:: Bengkulu, 22 February 1987
Last Education: SMU Negeri 25 Bandung
Father's Name: Dr. Jeffry DSS
Mother's Name:: Nina Marina
Favorite Food: Kwetiau
Zodiac: Aquarius

Marissa Jeffryna, an artist who often appeared on FTV was born in Bengkulu, 22 February 1987. Marissa more often we see in the FTV series including, "Honeymoon Over the Rainbow", "Lupus Millennia 2", "Olga Mania," "Radar", "I am Arjuna", "Love is Not as sweet as Candy." This red color buff since childhood had been happy to dress up and take pictures, because the art world's familiar role for her.

Sinetron: Honeymoon Over the Rainbow, Lupus Millennia 2, Olga Mania, Radar, I am Arjuna, FTV Love Not as sweet as Candy.?
Film: KM 14?
Advertisements: Clear,Avon, Laurier, B-Cool, Toshiba, Daihatsu Ceria, LA Lights.


* My friends 1999 Model Winner
* Finalist Miss Indonesia 2006 (Bengkulu)

Marissa Jeffryna

Marissa Jeffryna

Marissa Jeffryna

She began his career at the age when young Icha, call familiar, in put by the mama to a modeling school because as a child Icha dressed up and photographed delighted. At the age of 12 knows, Icha even ventured to follow the event model selection "My friends" and managed to get the first prize at the event. From these events in his career began to rise, with starring in a cosmetics ad products are increasingly PD Icha to plunge into the world of entertainment. After Icha any model of the world going into acting with his first play in a soap opera titled "Honeymoon On Rainbow" which aired on TVRI Bandung. After that Icha even get an offer to play Sientron and FTV in Jakarta by one production house. Some soap operas and has starred FTV call history, "Lupus Millennia 2", "Olga Mania," "Radar", "I am Arjuna", "Love is Not as sweet as Candy."

Marissa jeffryna

Marissa Jeffryna

Marissa Jeffryna

Straight-haired woman who made this icon of shampoo, not like the man confessed romantic. Also do not like the chase-chase men. "I'm never happy with a man, but he was chasing me, I'm straight so do not like ama him," recalled the beautiful. He prefers cool guy or cool. Therefore if you are a man who falls in love with him, and he also happens to fall in love with you, you should always save your aggressive nature as a man ....

Marissa Jeffryna

Marissa Jeffryna

This woman claimed to have had heart idol. When asked about her dream lover moorings and liver, Icha answer all questions clearly and he also reveals the experiences that has ever happened in her love life so far. Just so you know there's one thing that is undeniable when he responded pretty eyes emit a twinkle that can not be disclosed. Twinkle radiant happiness and love.

Marissa Jeffryna

tart modeling world had known since junior high school class III. When the selection contest 'Model 1999 My friends' he had not expected that this field will be made known to the public. As a newcomer to unexpected Icha able to reach first place in this mat. Achievement in these contests eventually become Icha trailblazer in the entertainment world.

Since winning the contest, the various bids to become the model of beauty product advertisements also began arriving. By displaying the image of a beauty pageant winner is expected to lure the public interest to try a related product. Icha therefore considered appropriate figure to represent their image.

Beauty contest next event, including a mat Contest 'Tiara Sunsilk'. In this beauty contest game Icha only up to the semifinal. After that he began acting in the world of professional modeling. Then got an offer to become a model of Clear shampoo products, Sunsilk and Red Boxx. Because of compatibility factors also make it more vote on Clear shampoo products.

Activities as a fashion dilakoni Pisces girl birth February 22, 1987 to pave the way the entertainment world. Thus the opportunity for the more widely known is also the more wide open. At that time he had just celebrated the 15th anniversary of the offer when it comes to soap operas playing on the screen. Since it was pop music enthusiasts to his career as a model as well as soap opera star. A rare achievement obtained by their peers.

Icha was recorded once a major star soap opera "Love Not as sweet as Candy '. In addition he has also been a major player in the drama 'I am Arjuna', 'Bead Nyai Roro Kidul', 'Model Dream' and 'Big Is Beautiful'. While the world has become a model Icha model print ad, TV Commercial and music video model.

Most are typical beauty products to women. The rest consists of the type of goods or services. Ranging from banking, beverage and food supplements, garment products to the automotive cigarette use figure ever recorded.


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