Billgie Hot in Swimsuits


"Meet our special edition model with a number of stories that will leave you stunned."
BILLGIE, that's her name. Unique, indeed, just that, with no long name. Makassar origin girl who dared to wander into Jakarta. In addition to lectures, the third child of four siblings aspire to total in the world of modeling. She was given the opportunity by Ratna Sarumpaet for acting in films Jamila and the President.

This model posed so eloquently. She seemed so friendly with the camera shutter, as existing long introductions between them. Mmm .., turns out he also has a quick way to achieve satisfaction in bed, wooow ...

Billgie Swimsuit

Billgie Hot

Billgie Swimsuit

How to shoot at Bidadari Island with POPULAR?
Was happy, because the people are fun. The place is also nice and good, far from the noise of Jakarta.

You really like the atmosphere of the beach huh?
Like, but other times really wanted a vacation.

You look perfect in a bikini is not it?
Said my friends think so. They said my stomach was flat and white skin, honey if covered.

Billgie Hot

Billgie Swimsuit

Need special care to be a sexy body like this?
None. Only eat regularly, not dinner. Reducing the ice drink, yes just like that.

Never mind to go to a private island with your partner?
Oh yes, ever. But so far no one has ngajakin tuh ..

What type of guy you like?
I prefer the adult, and older than me. Physically he has to chubby for good when being hugged. Do not be too white skin color and also not too black.

Billgie Hot

Billgie Swimsuit

When did you first go out and the first kiss?
Time in high school. I love really does to him. Yes, all the all-time high school first.

So if you've loved the same guy, whatever will you give?
A: Yes. The point to this moment I still love him. But luckily my boyfriend and my ex-before I can understand.

Now first you love it where?
In Jakarta, too, but already married, he he ..

Continues to this day still expecting?
Still, most expect. Even if he became a widower, I still want to marry him.

Billgie Hot

Billgie Swimsuit

Billgie Swimsuit

A little story first ML experience?
.. Haha, funny really, not yet understood. So feel forced.

Why feel forced?
She had been requested from the first few times but I refused. after out clubbing, I happen to get drunk. Suddenly I was there in his room. Until I cry. We could rage for some time but because I love him, so we're cool and a long courtship. We broke up because I had to Jakarta and her betrothed.

Means do not feel the climax?
no. Because that's not why I was looking for from him.

Seriously do not need an orgasm?
Girls when do with the feeling must have felt good. But it's most convenient when it can reach the top.

You do not grumpy tuh?
Not bad.

How to mark a girl has reached orgasm?
Usually guys like to ask, 'you have not you? "And most girls will be answered already. Now, if this girl really has not reached orgasm. If it really had an orgasm, he used to slap, nyakar or tuft. But there were different reactions.

You're good like this to learn from?
Ha ha .. no, actually I could feel the orgasm after two years more in touch. There is a friend who told me, "Loe should be nikmatin, lo loss when not reach orgasm. Due to the pleasure of the head. " Finally I can also play a.

Okay, then how to make you reach the enjoyment?
Must be durable, at least 30 minutes, not including foreplay and have variation style.

If the size?
Not too important, in fact I prefer the medium than the large.

Your favorite position?
Doggy style, when held from behind, it felt more loved with all my love.

Finally, how do you get dressed everyday at night?
I prefer to wear lingerie or short or when it's usually in my room alone I wear subordinates.


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