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Full Name: Fanny Fabriana
Nick Name: Fanny
Place & date of birth: Bandung, January 29, 1985
Zodiac: Aquarius
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 55 kg
- University Widyagama
- SMUN 20 Bandung

Achievements & awards:
1. Winner Magazine Cover Girl Aneka 1999
2. Indonesian Top Model Winner 2002

Fanny Fabriana

Fanny Fabriana

Fanny Fabriana

Fanny Fabriana

Fanny Fabriana

Fanny Fabriana

Fanny Fabriana

Spoiler bonus gan:) :


bibirnyaa seksii :)
Fanny Fabriana


Fanny Fabriana began his career in the entertainment world by becoming a model. At that time he managed to become the champion First Magazine Cover Girl Aneka in 1999 and Winner Top Model Indonesia in 2002. Doddy couples face and Tati's daughter who became known publicly make the virgin birth of Bandung, this past January 29, 1985 the offer of some ads, like Pocari Sweat, Download, Image and Candy Capilanos.

From model and advertising, an alumnus SMUN 20 Bandung start reaching the acting world. Soap opera acting debut by thugs CAMPUS / Galang, but his name began to be known as pesinetron while playing as Orange in sinetron PINK. Since then, he started to flood drama bid and FTV. Some soap operas in which he stars, MAT grobak, Naila, fairy SOK GAUL, PROMISE JAYA, queuing and DRIVER TOO HUMAN DONG.

Not just acting, and so the catwalk model, Fanny had a relationship with Teuku Zacky but eventually foundered, the presenters also swept the world. He is believed to host football SPIRIT, billboards, and SPORTALASE.

Professional models, pesinetron until the presenter seemed not enough for the student Widyatama Department of Management at the University, Bandung. He also penetrated the big screens. Fanny has a height of 175 cm which is big-screen debut in DAYS FOR AMANDA (2009). Opportunity to play on the big screen in the film continues thugs IN LOVE (2009) to Wolf LAST (2009).

Starting in 2010, appearing in the fim Fanny love triangle, DAY FOR AMANDA, which releases on January 7. Fanny hard work is always optimal in every appearance is being rewarded two nominations at Bandung Film Festival in 2010 and IMA. Even in the event of IMA, Fanny was nominated in several categories at once.


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