Sexy Dj Icha Davina

Simple, young, energic and talented. Perhaps this is the general description of the beauty section and the Origin of Sumatra she spent the night playing with the disc jockey or DJ.

Icha Davina is a Fresh Look Girl of Popular Magazine April 2009 edition. Icha Davina is a DJ (Disc Jokey) – a sexy and hot DJ. Look at her boobs guys, DJ Icha Davina has cute boobs.

DJ Icha Davina

DJ Icha Davina

What's the fun DJ?
Originally's hobby. Finally a livelihood. Wow, really happy, something that I like to be a job. Not many tables of people who loved her job. Plus, all you can know more of a funny guy, haha ..!

DJ Icha Davina

DJ Icha Davina

Your chest is good, how do you treat your body?
Drinking herbal breast and special care. Because right now there has been a special treatment of breast. Treated, dimasker, given the special potions, and so can be a good dimassage.

If the double pleasure massage huh?
Haha .. actually it's normal. If I'm tired too-common in massage, also did not influence the breast is held. Except when in-massage by my boyfriend, oops ..!

How much you say nice chest?
Well, that's plenty. Not counted. Although for me still, just because there are usually much better.

With the touch of her smooth hands, accompaniment music notation house with loud sounds. DJ Icha say the familiar as if this melt and integrates with the hollow body of the section and how sad.


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