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“Febyolla” Three Love, Three Lovers, The Three Months.

One, two and three count of romance that's ever gone through and only lasted for three months. Although the establishment is a priority, but he refused to connect with possessive man who would hinder her career. That's why she would rather enjoy a relationship without commitment with close friends, 'but intimate friend'. Then why did he want to make love all day?
Febyolla, man Steady & Leisure

The main priority for Feby in determining the choice of partner is established. This beautiful-haired woman did not refuse if the material is everything. And she's not hypocritical that the matter is the capital to the next level. It is clear that the man of her dreams must have been established.



"The relationship just for fun, why? Then with an established, is it fun to do, "he said sounded wise.

"Does this mean you will be ready for serious relationship when a man has found a steady as you want?"
Yes, I'd love's serious, but not the means must hurry to get married. Associated with an established right through it better, "he said sounded confident.

Hearing her words revealed that a highly selective in determining Feby spouse. He is also very realistic in thinking, because life should be rational and must be careful in determining a choice.




"If some wants you to marry him in the near future, how?"
If one day I'll see you mate, yes, what is allowed to make? If you've really established a serious still want to be sure, "she said sumringah visible glow of happiness in her smile.

After smiling Feby adding that in fact he was targeted for the married dikala age of 25 years. But as he admits above that does not cover any possible case if a mate is coming, so she was willing to remove the bachelor. Because he believed in destiny.

"So what sort of man you like to partner?"
His personality is certain, broad minded, smart and kind," she said quickly.

"So the first subject that you like with what man? Whether the first physical you see? "
Physical or cute, baseball. In fact the very first established, smart. Normally I would see him a good baseball background, continue to connect and fit Chat. "




Febyolla, 'Friends But darling' & Revenge

Feby feel better now enjoy limited relationship friendship. She feels more comfortable to be friends with the opposite sex, rather than with other types. Because he does not like gossip, that's why he tried to limit myself friends with women. No love for him was why, after all still a lot of close friends around the heart and her days. Good friend or friends in the truest sense, but cordial. Not intend to follow the trend now that relationships with friends, but cozy. Feby melakoni also the same. She felt 'intimate friends but' this is fun and enjoyable relationship.


Feby, Make Love & Virginitas Full Day

Feby expertise in the field of dance it is no doubt, but in fact, dance is not less agile tongue. With the words said that are not disjointed, a string of sentences about sex and boyfriend beautiful flowing from her lips. Just a little look of confusion and hue think burst across his face....

What's responses about sex in dating you?"

"To me sex restrictions still exist, I do not want this for free sex in courtship. Aja ordinary, except kalu married, just to be free of all kinds. Anyway if you still going out, virginitas it must remain guarded. Well limited to kissing is still normal, but if to make love, is not .. "

Information which he suggested might have sounded weird or hypocritical for some people. But that's exactly what Feby understanding about sex in dating. He is fully aware if an understanding is what triggered various reactions from people around him. But he admits that cool and not too mempermasahkan these reactions. For him, what was he talking about, that's the principle that he had. Whatever people say, believe it or not, that's not her business.


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