Della Puspita Hot in SwimSuits Part 2

Della Puspita, that's the name who always show on TV show such as Hot Film, Hot Gossip, Sinetron few years ago but now she is not too often show on TV, may be because her responsibility as wife and mother which is take times for her to take care her family.

And tonight Artis Seksi Ku will write the information of those sexy actress, Della Puspita. Born in Malang, 6 August 1981. She began her career with following contest of Hot Photo Action on one of Magazine. from that point she often become Cover Girls on Famous Magazine in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Actually Della Puspita is one of the smartest Indonesian Actress Sexy because she has many award, educational award and may be we can call her Della Puspita Hot Sexy Models Indonesia. She also ever has problem or scandal with someone who said that he is her father, but that was a past.

Della Puspita Hot Swimsuit

Della Puspita Sexy Swimsuits

Della Puspita Married with Jocky Fernando on August 6, 2004. Their first child, Aubrey Don Daisuke, born October 24, 2005. Their second child, Fara Miyako Emi Joana, born August 10, 2009

Once blessed with a child, though her husband was in Japan a lot, but this time Della was awaiting the birth of her second child. Della expect their second child is female.

Cases with Henry Pasman

Della had a public scandal over the case with Henry Pasman who claimed to be the father Della. Even at the time of marriage guardian Della use judges from KUA. While those who came to attend his wedding was Della's mother who was accompanied by a man who is recognized as the biological father of Della, Yakumi Sato.

Della Puspita Sexy Swimsuits

Della Puspita Hot Swimsuit

Della Puspita Hot Swimsuit

Della Puspita Biography:

Henny Nisisari Puspita or better known by the name of Della Puspita is pesinetron birth of Malang, August 6, 1981. Della began her career through Malibu Action photo contest in 1997, and subsequent Della's face often appeared on the cover of magazines.

Bids soap opera also continues over Fernando Jocky this special, including Self-Esteem, Love and Lady Luck strap. But through Early Marriage soap opera name so inflated.

Della often appear at events comedians in various TV stations. Della also starred in soap operas than ever album, titled Love merillis Beginning and End.

Della has also been a public scandal over the case with the man who claimed to be her father, Henry Pasman. In this case Della assessed many stores lie in public about her existence, but the case eventually 'whole' by itself.

Della again blessed with baby. Today, she was pregnant with her second child. Because Della has been blessed with a son as their first child, a daughter Della hoping to get this as her second child.


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