Foto Seksi Belahan Dada Tantri Kotak

Tantri is the vocalist kotak Band, was born in Tangerang, August 9, 1989. Tantri original name Tantri Syalindri Ichlasari, and has started her career as a vocalist Ares Band from South Jakarta.

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Tantri kotak

Tantri kotak

Foto seksi Tantri Kotak
Tantri kotak

Tantri kotak

Tantri kotak

Tantri kotak

Belahan dada Tantri Kotak
Tantri kotak

Biography :

Kotak band was born in Jakarta, Indonesia on September 27, 2004 as a result of a TV talent show titled “The Dream Band”, the show produced two bands, the other band is Lima.

The band consists of Tantri (vocals), Chua (bass), Mario Marsella (guitars), and Haposan Hartanto Tobing (drums). They have cited their influences as Evanescence, Linkin Park, Alter Bridge, Creed, Hoobastank, and Korn.

Kotak Band ready to perform at D'liquid, Friday (15 / 5) night later. Through Kotak Band in Concert, the band made September.27th 2004 via The Dream Band audition, this will give it to surprise the music in the city of Makassar and the surrounding areas.

According to Asst Marcom Manager Clarion Hotel & Convention Makassar, Kotak band will give the music colors apart. That is, they will give you a satisfaction for the music lovers in this town.
To watch the concert is supported Clas Mild cigarettes, the tickets sold Rp 75 thousand. According Ciwang, this band use modern rock music concept and now have made one of the new bands that are in the world music of Indonesia.
Moreover, female of the two joined in, making the band personnel has a unique and of course the song-music is also certainly not more foreign music lovers in your ear.
"Do not miss to watch the concert, you will find satisfaction-retired to enjoy the music track," said Ciwang.
Indeed unify the four people with different musical character of the matter is not inconsequential. Moreover, if only they were given about two weekends each other to adapt. But apparently that is not true for Cella, Ices, Tantri, and Posan. "It is not difficult to find direct our chemistry," said Cella, the band guitarist.
They was beallied in a band competition in 2004. Winners are divided into two groups for each group form a band. First group, consisting of four people, forming the band with the name - which means four different characters to join in a single field: the four sides and four corners of the music in one color.


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