Foto Seksi Delia Septianti ( Ecoutez ) di Popular Magazine

No longer easy to melt ... The man's advances.

Legs, body shape charming, beautiful face, and intellectual resources sufficient to make his jump as one of the young presenters who preferred men. But why exactly in love with the subject he rarely wins? Yet loyalty to the extraordinary lover. What's wrong with the style of girl who likes to learn the sex erotic zone on the body of this man? Why is he now no longer easy to believe flattery rag man?
Delia, Men Steady & Nature spoiled

Delia now lay down on the wooden table. Pure white skin looked as if clashing contrast with brightly colored lingerie le boudoir he was wearing. Starry-eyed staring at the camera lens, her lips sensual, beautifully painted by the dim light

Speaking about the liver lover, this beautiful girl looks legged bend are canting for the bend are canting enjoy answering questions, when there is a question that is too winding, so that touching the side of sensitivity, he just smiled, laughed heartily, or just blushed. Though he said in stressing the importance of an establishment for the level of a serious dating relationship to be one topic of interest. Moreover, he openly declared that he included the type of woman who faithfully.

Della Septiani

Della Septiani

Attitudes what you like from a man? "

"Uh huh ... what if the boyfriend I was still happy because now more mature than me and really ngemong. And I just invented lho him. The process approach to hook up only briefly. Because we often meet. Initially identified as a friend. Do not know why,
but I feel happy aja if longer road to him, what I was looking at him. First he is more mature, four years above me. Already working, and faith must be. "

Della Septiani

Della Septiani

Della Septiani

"Already well established .... Then how important the establishment of a man do you think? "

Delia laughed for a moment when I heard the question, others wince and then his expression turned serious. "For guys, if you have a serious dating relationship, it's important establishment. You see me when courtship was serious, and when it's equally suitable, surely mikirnya forward should be more serious. So it would be nice if already established. Especially if the parents know it definitely wants a well-established. "

Biography Delia Septianti ( Ecoutez) :
Delia Delia Septianti or a familiar summoned an homage to jazz singers, soap star and host of several television programs.

Women whose real name is Amelia Septianti band members Ecoutez!. Where ever released an album titled EKUTE. Apart from also starred in soap operas, such as Virgin INTEREST, TO REMAIN OFF LOVE, CHILD WAREHOUSE, LUV, and eclipses.

While as a star presenter born in Jakarta, 1 September 1985, had brought the popular event going on TPI, Hilight Automotive on TV7, Quiz MotorGP in TV7 and Issues in Global TV.


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