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Olla Ramlan including artists who are very concerned with beauty and body appearance.

Every woman would want to always look pretty and polished adorn themselves with makeup.

So did the artist Olla Ramlan very happy dressing up and paying attention to her appearance. "If my personal make-up approximately 15 minutes to half an hour already completed but different if you wear make-up artist," says Olla who met at the Hotel Mulia, March 3, 2010.

As an artist, Olla claimed to always look beautiful on the screen or in the eyes of her fans. Hair and skin care is of particular concern for the Olla.

Model Olla Ramlan

Model Olla Ramlan

"I happen to have long hair and feminine, if not been cut short, because I've formed with the image of long hair," said Olla who like to color the hair with bright colors and highlights.

To model clothes, Olla like something simple. "Because I do not want to shoot and often made it difficult, make-up tools like it take aja me personally," said South Kalimantan origin of this virgin.

Model Olla Ramlan

Model Olla Ramlan

Model Olla Ramlan

Not wanting to escape from the scent in everyday life, the model also socialite, Olla Ramlan perfume business was opened with a brand of The Woman. Inauguration done, Friday (30/10), at C & F Perfumery, 2nd floor, Grand Indonesia. Besides business, is also a favorite perfume to perfume themselves. While to go into business clothes, she argued was not a bit of play there.

"If the clothes and others sudad there but if the perfume is like. Why not try? Yes, all introduced products in the country. You could say this is also a hobby business," she said.

Own original idea, he added, comes from Olla husband, Alex Tian to try to make perfume. The idea was then picked by another party of French cooperation. So that it can be said of this product appear because of love and affection towards her husband. "That's what makes all this happen," she said proudly.

Asked if this perfume product as a reflection of himself, Olla nodded. "Yes, I actually like the scent. For example, scented like baby powder or a mixture of fragrant bungu lilies, roses and mask. It felt fresh when used every day," she concluded


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