Ditha Sexy Model in Popular Magazine

Ditha "The Art of Making Love"

What Ditha prepared before having sex? Make-up is sexy, styling, and wearing high heels and a mask.
SINCE sitting on the bench in high school, women who were you looking at this apparently stole start reading adult magazines and admire the sexiness of the models who pose on each sheet. She secretly harbored a desire to be able to capture a pose in POPULAR men's magazines and so her choice.

"I feel sexy and want to express themselves to pose sexy. POPULAR finally comes true and so the first magazine and my choice, "said Ditha in her like a kid.

Foto Model Hot Ditha

Foto Model Hot Ditha

If considered in every style that the express, the owner's full name is always played Wyditha Puspitasari eyes and eyebrows, as a result of wild and fierce impression always radiates from her face that was briefly visible jutek.

"Whatever the style that important face expression through the eyes and eyebrows that I make segarang possible, I feel sexy with an expression like that," she added as he pointed out.

Yes, if he managed to sting you now in a still image, be careful if one day face to face, you might be deceived and eager to make. "Well I often just passing acquaintances the same guy just stares and glances. Looks like my gaze agreed to meet with them, despite my very antagonistic, "she recalls, laughing.

Foto Model Hot Ditha

Foto Model Hot Ditha

One Night Stand
Even if he was smitten at first sight, do not cover the possible second meeting, the woman was a mixture of Betawi-Manado direct invites climax together, the origin ...

"The same has not had a commitment, just a one night stand so-so. I have had sex in the second meeting when there is no commitment. Although new acquaintances, we can crazy stuff with style, "she continued.

Wow, what kind of man who makes beautiful birth of 28 November was not strong enough to resist? "I do not know, then just look at him directly nge-DJ horny and she knows it. Often when I squeezed grimly 'adik'nya and said lets go home and lets' play'. Especially if she's sweating, "the story bluntly.

As already outlined, the woman who can not get out of her high heels are often unable to control himself and jumped into the cool tenderness without uncomfortable in front of people. "Can I pull in front of people and kissed her lips and bite him," she says smiling mischievously.

Foto Model Hot Ditha

Along with the DJ, the eldest of three siblings liked to explore the makeup before the 'war' on the bed. "He never told me to wear a mask, high heels, styled hair, and makeup. For me it a challenge, I'm so horny oh ya, "she connected with a laugh.

If you love the style innovations? "It's not like that weird, but I like the above. I only moved in when it's satisfied, weak, and not anymore, "she explained again and again followed by laughter.

When he wanted a next round, he could always draw attention. "I usually wear t-shirts no bra invisibility because he liked my chest is tight," said the girl was giggling Scorpio.

Foto Model Hot Ditha

Sex Experiment
Since knowing the pleasure of sex, everyday women who look sexy, admits addiction and want to re-feel it at every opportunity. Unfortunately he was more often had a distant partner. So how to channel their sexual desires?

"I always feel not satisfied with your fingers, so I always go to the toilet and playing with a shower. Honestly I can not live where it is not no showers, "she whispered spoiled.

Ditha even acknowledges there is little to desire to experiment. "I want to try using a vibrator but embarrassed purchasing. Moreover, still horrified because it was somehow a foreign object and so afraid of the disease, "she concluded.


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