Sandra Dewi - Sexy Indonesian Actress

Famous Name : Sandra Dewi
Full Name : Monica Nichole Sandra Dewi Gunawan (Basri)
Place / Date of Birth: Pangkal Pinang – Kep Bangka Belitung August 8, 1983
Parents : Andreas Gunawan Basri and Catharina Erliani
Relatives : Kartika Dewi, Raymond Gunawan
Hight : 168cm Body
Weight : 48kg
Favorite Song : A Whole New World (Aladdin Theme Song)
Favorite Film : Animasi Walt Disney: Aladdin, Beauty and The Beast, Snow White
Favorite Food : Japanese, Korean Food,

Indonesian Education :
* SD St. Theresia I
* SMP St. Theresia I
* SMUK St. Yosef
* London School Of Public Relations

Sandra Dewi

Sandra Dewi

Filmografy :
Quickie Express (2007) as Lila Tarzan kota (2008) as Ratna binti Subarkah
Sinetron :

* sinetron cinta indah (2007)
* sinetron jameelah (2008)
* Sinetron Elang (2008)

Sandra Dewi

*menikmati belahan dada Sandra Dewi

Sandra Dewi

Sandra Dewi

Sandra Dewi

Sandra Dewi

Achievements :

* Miss Enchanteur 2002
* West Jakarta Tourism Ambassador
* Fun Fearless Female 2006, Runner-up
* Favorite Newcomer Actress IMA 2008
* Anti-drug ambassadors 2008
* Icon Films National version of the Magazine polls in 2008
* Indonesian sweetheart versi tabloid bintang 2008
* The most marketable artis versi tabloid bintang 2008
* insert favorite artist anniversary version in 2008
* the most friendly celebrity versi majalah oops 2008
* most beautiful actress in 2008 tabloids XO

Sandra Dewi Biography
As a biography, Sandra Dewi is an Indonesian actress. She only recently began acting, having starred in three movies so far: “A Very Slow Breakfast” (2003), “Quickie Express” (2007), and “Extra Large” (2008). She upped her popularity by posing for FHM.

It is rumored that Sandra has a special recipe drink that she uses to keep her young, healthy-looking skin. The recipe, which comes from her great-grandmother, includes the essence of chicken, some roots, some seeds, water, honey, and vitamin supplements. She also takes ginger water baths.


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