Vicky Shu "Introvert Beauty Queen" Part 2

Vicky Shu’s love for shoes has made her into a success. Her brand, Syu Shu, is for footwear fiends who crave an edgy style at affordable prices. What’s remarkable about this shoe designer, who is also a musician, is that she uses music to inspire her killer heel designs. The shoemaster took time out of her busy schedule and told Tyara Putri the story behind her new line.

Where do you source your materials and where are your shoes made?
All materials are 100 per cent made in Indonesia. I’ve been searching all around town for the best materials and shoemakers, because, you know, there are a lot of shoemakers, but finding a quality one is hard. I’ve found the perfect shoemaker.

I heard that Lenka is endorsed by Syu Shu. What’s the story?
We introduced Syu Shu to Lenka when she visited Jakarta for a showcase, and she just fell in love at first sight. She wore Syu Shu for her show in Jakarta. It was really an honour!

Who’s your favourite shoe designer?
Camilla Skovgaard.

Who would you most love to see wearing your shoes, past or present?
Frank Sinatra wearing my heels. No, just kidding! Judy Garland from ‘The Wizard of Oz’. She wore glittery red shoes in that movie. They were so beautiful. Actually, that is when I first fell in love with shoes. I wish she were still alive to wear Syu Shu.

Do you sell your shoes worldwide? Where’s the furthest place Syu Shus have gone?
Yes, we sell worldwide and have made it to Italy, Luxemburg, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Splendid! And the next goal for Syu Shu?
In the near future, I hope to open our first boutique in Singapore and then New York.
vicky shu

vicky shu

vicky shu

vicky shu


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