Echa Fellyzha Sexy Model on Popular

Echa Fellyzha was born in Jakarta, February 18, 1986. Echa Fellyzha a descendant Medan, Java and Jakarta. Echa Fellyzha is a beautiful woman who has white skin and legs.

Echa Fellyzha began his career as a catwalk model when she was still in high school, Felly was an artist too often played in several films. Felly is the youngest of five children and has a quiet and intelligent character.

Echa Fellyzha heights 171 cm and weight 50 kg. Man of her dreams is the oriental man with a chubby body and a good joke. Felly has a hobby playing billiards.

Anyone wishing to be rid of fatigue, even for a moment the city. What if your vacation to Angel Island with a sexy angel? Yep, of course he has a number of 'mischief' that makes you not want to quickly go from the island.
Angel is beautiful, white, with a ladder leg. Echa Fellyzha her name, was born in Jakarta, February 18, 1986, Medan-blooded girl - Java and Jakarta. Radiated gentleness as she speaks.

Echa Fellyzha on photo model Popular Magazine as fresh look favorite pose beautiful art.

Echa Fellyzha

Echa Fellyzha

Echa Fellyzha

Toward the sun began to dwell on the western horizon, the woman he affectionately called this Felly, leaving the city toward Angel Island. On the island from the Dutch fort there, he enjoyed the quiet atmosphere of a typical air and sea.

Starting as a catwalk model when sitting in high school, Felly swept the world of film and finally decided to hold wrestle the world model. Youngest of five children are quiet, intelligent woman. The figure is the ideal male body with chubby oriental. "I prefer the oriental moreover he is clever joke.

Echa Fellyzha

Echa Fellyzha

Echa Fellyzha

After cleaning the body, applying body lotion with gentle movements, as well as a little squirt of perfume. She stepped into the mini-bar with sexy clothing, not to attract the attention of the man but he likes to wear clothes are simple and sexy. Certainly, Felly was the most beautiful angel tonight.

Dinner has passed. She chose red wine accompanied by the romantic songs of George Michael. Wow, the effect of wine was able to make this beautiful virgin to feel comfortable. Bak model that is being posed, she was teasing the guy with the forces that create body heat damaged.

In the billiard table, madness Felly increasingly likely. The man who is engrossed in poking the ball begins to lose his concentration. White ball to hit is no longer interesting. Beneath the dim light, Felly came a man and asked him to drive her to the bungalow. Stock wines can indeed make this blue world is not flat anymore.

For the love affairs Felly prefer things that are flowing without having planned. "It's safer and convenient to use a condom even though the couple themselves," explained Felly relaxed. She also hopes to satisfy her opponent, rather than vice versa. "To me that's enough conventional forces."

Our advice, you do not get too often bring flowers for her. "I kind of woman that if more and more distant approach."

Last night was so perfect. With a white-covered, Felly out to perfect sheen morning enjoying the sunrise with a refreshing body.


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